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Hi there, we came to this wonderful area about five years ago.  We love Albuquerque and the surrounding area and so naturally we love to burn our kiva fireplace during all the winter months.

That is how we first became interested in purchasing firewood.  Like most folks we thought it would be a simple deal, just pick up the phone, and order some wood.  WOW!  Were we ever wrong, buying or even cutting your own firewood in New Mexico can be a daunting process, and one that requires a little beforehand knowledge and about all kinds of things like types of wood, seasoned or green, cuts, permits and much more.

We established this website to help people understand the basics of buying firewood in the Albuquerque area.



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Jim December 12, 2012 at 3:49 pm

I’m looking for firewood for an outdoor fire pit for my son who resides in Rio Rancho. I was thinking pinion but am open to suggestions.


Ralph M. Thomas II October 13, 2013 at 10:41 pm

I thought I might mention a few details in reading the home page of information for everyone.
It is only the past 10 yrs. that people started talking about a 1/2 cord of wood and it is a financial reason that a 1/2 coord purchase has arisen.
Also some other terms used in the article written such as a face cord. Face coords as you describe are new terms to me as I am 60 yrs old and have been a logger in Montana on occasion in my life.
We used the terms such as a cord = 4′ (feet)in height x 4′ (feet) wide x 8′ (feet) long or (written) 4′x4′x8′ = 128 cubic feet.
Since a cord is 4′ (feet) wide = 48″ (inches) we needed to cut the wood in 16″ (inches) lenths so that 3 x 16″ = 4′ making 3 rows of wood and they are not face cords but called a “RICK” 1 of three rows.
So firewood was always sold by the Cord or by the Rick 1/3 of a cord.
With that said I thought I would discuss the sizes of fire places and wood stoves as they relate to firewood.
I have also held a class “B” contractors license in 5 states in the past in 1988,1989 I built homes on the west side for Sivage Thomas and U.S. Homes 3,000 sq.ft. to 5,000 sq.ft. and what I discovered is that fireplaces and wood stoves is that the sizes have absolutely nothing to do with the size that firewood was originally cut although in the old days people would take into consideration the fact that firewood size 16″ lenths and would design fireplaces and the wood stoves to size accommodate.
But today fireplace design is more for the aesthetics than function.
The architects feel that since firewood is a cut product it can be cut to fit in different lenths which is so if you are cutting your owne firewood or if you wish to pay the differance in price to have an order of firewood cut to your specifications.
We all know that we can have what we want if we are willing to pay for it.
But firewood for as long as I have known is 4′x4′x8′ = 1 cord
or 3 rows 16″x 48″ x 96″ or 16″ wide x 4′ high x 8′ long also the 8′ dimention is always the lenth not the width (look in the dictionary).
So to buy firewood it is always sold by the dimensions I mentioned and anything differant is considered “SPECIAL ORDER”
I don’t know how to make a half a cord unless you get a rick and a 1/2 rick? That would be 16″ x 4′ x 12′ long.
You can’t take 16″ + 16″ and make 24″ wide!
Well only one last thing to mention is there is an Evergreen type needled tree that not only is one of the most hardest of woods but the appx. 3/4″ long needles turn yellow every fall and fall off the trees and they used to make the wood baseball batts out of it and it is called the Tamarack tree native to Montana and Idaho,Washington states in the United States.
You may wish to correct the other previously mentioned article on Softwoods and the information on evergreens based on this information about Tamarack trees.
Well I guess I have said enough for now, oh yea one last thing I do cut and sell firewood and have for many,many years.
I have cut and cleaned up logging sales after the loggers have left here in this state of New Mexico in the Sacramento mtns, The Lincoln mtns, and Cibola National Forrests Mt. Taylor since 1998 and in Montana I have logged and cut natural grown Christmas trees in the national forests since 1976.
I have many pictures to prove it.
Well thank you for this spot to comment I hope my little information was interresting and helpful to all.
Respectfully I Remain,
Ralph M. Thomas II


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